Civil Rights Movement: Useful Links


Dear Class,

Listed below will be some handy websites for you to discover as we review, analyze, and evaluate the Civil Rights Movement. The first website is where we’ll be returning to for a project in the next few weeks:

^^^ A website containing poets before, during, and after the Civil Rights Movement, all pertaining to themes of segregation and racism.

^^^ Rich with historical overview, poets, and analysis of the waves of civil rights movements since the mid-2oth century.

^^^ Even today, racism still persists. PBS offers an interview with sociologist Dr. W.J. Wilson on the standard of living, and how it’s changed over time between races.

^^^ Rich with historical figures, boycott histories, speeches, and more from the Civil Rights Movement.

^^^ The History Channel offers a video and explanation on the importance of the group called “Little Rock Nine”; this event started the push for the Civil Rights Movement.