ENG 444: Pre-Reflection


Before doing this teaching demo, I believe that I am on track to become a teacher. I have been tutoring since I was in high school, and I am currently tutoring now. I have always had a passion for teaching. I shine best in terms of an individual basis when helping students, as well as when I facilitate and direct discussions. I believe that I have leadership qualities: I know how to delegate, I know when to let other lead when they have good ideas, and I like to keep the focus in the discussion when leading back the topic with specific questions.

For this specific teaching demo, Mr. Green and I have agreed to co-teach. We have split it where I will teach tone, and he will teach voice. As such, we believe humor and seriousness are two sides of the same coin for our teaching. Hopefully, we split time down the middle. We also believe splitting the class up into two groups will help us connect with the students on an individual basis. I believe our teaching styles are compatible, as we lean on each other if we have more to add on; this is what we have learned from our practices together.

The hardest part in teaching for the future (at least what Mr. Green and I have both discussed) is keeping the classroom engaged with the text, even if it isn’t material they would normally read. Furthermore, this teaching demo works with large and small class sizes, but I’m concerned on how to control larger discussions.


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