ENG 444: Post-Reflection


Overall, I believe Mr. Green and I did well. We were able to divide the teaching demo up evenly; I covered the bellringer, he lead with voice, I covered tone, and we both discussed all three poems. I feel that we kept students engaged, particularly with the last poem (Inman’s) and having them relate back to Arnez’s poems, as well as their own lives.

In terms of covering the heavier topics, I believe that Mr. Green and myself covered the “n” word appropriately for tenth graders. It’s important enough to be talked about, due to it being said (quite possibly and literally) outside in the halls, in their homes, on the TV, etc. I felt that we both had control with the classroom.

Although we were both sick, I think we were able to be heard clearly enough. Unfortunately, with both of our voices hoarse, explaining tone by the original means did not come through clearly when I tried to use spoken sarcasm. Our humor wasn’t there as much as we both had previously engaged in, but I believe it was still there.

I believe I can be an effective co-teacher, as well as an independent teacher. I just need more practice in terms of body language and eye contact; I probably should have made more eye contact with the students during the teaching demo. I believe, however, that I called on each student at least once, so I know they remained engaged in discussion. Finally, I believe the bellringer was a bit rushed, but we could have slimmed down the bellringer assignment for a future teaching demo.


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