Civil Rights Movement: A Note to Parents


Dear Parents,

For the next few weeks, the class will be engaging with an important and critical time for American history: the Civil Rights Movement. This era, from 1954-1968, helped shape current politics, and we can still see the resonance of civil rights movements today, ranging from police officer cameras possibly put into place, to women’s rights in the workforce, to even the classroom. With these texts, the students will be facing themes of racism and discrimination; Mr. Green and myself believe that students need to read these historical speeches, poems, and texts in order to understand current issues. We will also discuss derogatory words that might appear in the text, such as the “n” word, and explain why these words are not appropriate today.

As always, if there is a problem with the texts, feel free to contact either of us.

And, as always, it is a pleasure working with your children.


Ms. Abney


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