The Abandoned Farmhouse


The house slept still.
Thirty years ago, the doors and windows stood
Alert for visitors.

Now its all but empty,
Haunted by only mice, spiderwebs,
And the echo of a phonograph.

When the bitter memory of her finds him,
He’ll remember why she left.
She consumed

His every thought.
He could not escape her
Frequently waking him

In a cold sweat, his heart
Ever more beating faster.
This is what he wanted.

A desire, never ceasing–
The sound of her voice filled
The walls as he recalled

The way her skin felt
As he watched the life seep
And with her, the desire was gone.

There was nothing left of her
That was human,
Save her memory

Which he consumed with tender
Bitterness. The fathom
Of a phantom

In the hallway,
Touching the old picture frames.
All she wanted was

Another being to be with,
Even if they could never
Love her formless body.

She sat there, sleepy,
Haunted by her former lover
That used to sleep in her.


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