A Good Learning Day


Prompt: Describe a “good learning day”. What do you do? How is the time period organized? How is the material presented by the teacher? What do you experience and when?

A good learning day is when both the students and the teacher walk away with new, reliable, and meaningful knowledge to use in and outside of the classroom. The teacher, during class, stays engaged with her students and tries to maintain a positive and safe learning environment. The students need to have focus, but the material needs humor and relatablility. An ice-breaker, bell-ringer, or grammar exercise should have students prepared for the topic, whether it’s diagramming a paragraph form the article, or a journal entry. This gives time for the teacher to become mentally prepared.

Initial discussion should start with that bell-ringer. Deeper concepts should be considered and encouraged, so long as it remain on topic; the teacher is the reference. The material can come from notes on the board, to a news interview, or a Sci Show video from the Vlog Brothers. It can even be students having a debate. The teacher should also ask students to relate these ideas to their own lives. Overall, this would be a facilitator-delegator environment.


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