Ms. Marvel, No Normal: Contradictions of Social Norms


In Ms. Marvel, No Normal, Kamala has to face several contradictions in her daily life. She has to try and fit in and do well at school, but meet her parents’ expectations of her future career based on her current grades. She wants to wear “hip” clothing, but still must wear a jihad when deemed appropriate (religious and family meetings). Even when wearing street clothing, Kamala wears an aviator or trooper hat, covering her hair partially.

The question I want to answer is from Group 2: Why are Kamala’s parents so accepting of Bruno, but so against the idea of her attending a party with boys?

Bruno, Kamala’s friend and eventually part of her superhero team to assist her, embodies the ideal boy that Kamala’s parents want for her. He’s hard-working, interested in the sciences. Bruno knows what is right and wrong, acts upon it, and overall, looks out for Kamala. The only reason why Bruno isn’t “the boy” that Kamala’s parents would push her to date is because he’s not Pakistani, nor a Muslim. Kamala’s parents are against the idea of attending a party with boys is because there’s not just one boy Kamala would have to deal with, but many. On top of that, there would be several boys that have different moral standings that would be deviant of the standards Kamala’s parents have. And although it may seem unfair, her parents do have their best intentions for her. Kamala did accidentally had a taste of alcohol because of a boy at the party she snuck out for (and promptly spat it back out).However, their intentions don’t play out for the best intentions under Kamala’s, or a young person in general, who does know right from wrong.

But that’s another story altogether.


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